Thank you for being part of the Chabad Jewish Center,
where everyone is family.

The Chabad Jewish Center of Greater St. Petersburg appeals to all who wish to feel a sense of community and belonging. A warm, friendly and accepting environment, Chabad provides every family with a unique and traditional Jewish experience. Our expanding list of programming and participation and your steadfast support and friendship are some of the reasons our Center continues to grow.

You can help it grow even further.

We invite you to partner with us and invest in the future of our community by becoming a member of the Chabad Investment club. By giving a donation that is equivalent to an investor’s share ($1,500) or more, you become a Chabad shareholder, enabling Chabad to continue to offer the community a warm, friendly and accepting environment where everyone is family.

click here to see photos of our Shareholders event.

We extend our love and appreciation to those members that have already become shareholders and invested for the fiscal year of 2017.

We look forward to seeing you at our Center in the near future.

Best wishes for continued success,

Rabbi Alter and Chaya Korf
I am happy to become a partner and shareholder, by joining the Chabad Investment Club. In joining the Chabad Investment Club, I become an integral part in the life-supporting foundation of Judaism, education and community development.

The Chabad Investment Club

Please choose your shareholder option for 2016.

In our effort to be inclusive for families of all income levels, Partnership Opportunities have been designed within a wide range. However, if you are capable, please consider participating at a higher level. This will allow us to cover our expenses and continue to expand our programs, services and long term goals. All Partnership gifts can be made in one installment or in monthly installments. Please check the option of your choice. It is your partnership that helps us keep our doors wide open.

($2,875 Monthly)

($1,250 Monthly)

($1,000 Monthly)

$750 Monthly)


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